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Oh, I love you in your fuck-me pumps, & your nimble dress that trails.

You like me & I like it all. We like dancing & we look divine.

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Birthdate:Feb 3
Cripple femme, queer artist, devout pervert, tender-hearted tough bitch, working-class SF. This is where the emo goes.

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being called bella, being hella loud, brian eno, chronic illness, cleavage-centerpiece dresses, cocksucking, compassion, cripples, curly hair management, curves & snarls, daddy/girl, david bowie, david wojnarowicz, destigmatizing welfare, disability, dressing scandalously, earnest nerds, everything pink & purple, faggots, fancy lingerie as outerwear, fat girls, fathleticism, fatshion, femmes, fey, fibromyalgia, figs, fops & pansies, fuchsia, genderqueer femmes, going to hell, hella (better than wicked), hippiespawn, ice cream, intersex, kate bush, la mission, laurie anderson, leopard print everything, lou reed, lynda barry, magic cephalopods, mama/boy, master of fiiiiiiiiiiiine arts, my nana stella, my paisan, native san franciscans, orange hankies, paisanos, patti smith, perverts, philz coffee, phineas slipped, political discussion as foreplay, pornographic evidence, preternaturally-hued hair, priestcake, procrasturbation, queer femme perverts, reclaiming catholicism, recovery, reproductive justice, sex work, southern italian queers, st. julian of norwich, stars, still here dammit, stone fruits, stregheria, survivors, talking to toni, the blessed mother, the boss, tough girls, transfeminism, velvet goldmine, warren zevon, whales, working-class femmes
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